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Questions about Butter, Milk
and Yogurt

Questions about Butter, Milk <br> and Yogurt

Emborg offers a wide range of high quality dairy products consisting of European Butter and Spreadables, Delicious Yougurt and Smoothies, and high quality Milk

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked question about our Butter, Milk, and Yogurt assortment below: 

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Emborg Butter is made from freshly churned European cream which is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes, in sauces, and on bread.

Emborg Spreadable is a perfect blend of real butter and vegetalbe oils and has a more soft and creamy texture, which makes it perfect for spreading or baking goods right from the fridge

Emborg Cook and Bake is a buttery blend og real butter and vegetable oils which gives it a creamy and velvely texture. Emborg Cook & Bake is perfect for cakes, biscuits, and pie tarts when it comes to baking and also excellent for frying and sautéring when it comes to cooking.
Yes - both Emborg Unsalted Spreadable and Emborg Salted Spreadable can easily be used in cooking.

Emborg Unsalted Spreadable will add a creamy rich flavour to your recipe and allows you to regulate the flavour.

Emborg Salted Spreadable will also add a rich and creamy flavour, and will enhance flavour in your recipe.