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Questions about Vegetables and Berries

Questions about Vegetables and Berries

Emborg offers a wide range of high quality Frozen Vegetables and Berrries consisting of tasty Vegetable Mixes, Organic Vegetables, Crispy French Fries, and Juicy Berries

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked question about our Frozen Vegetables and Berries assortment below: 

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We​ ​have​ ​an​ ​organic​ ​range​ ​of​ ​naturally​ ​grown​ ​frozen​ ​vegetables. We have a wide assortment of organic vegetables. Click below and learn about our organic vegetables
Learn more about our vegetables here
The production of organic vegetables is subject to specific regulations and demands. Follow the link and learn more about organic benefits
Learn more about organic benefits
The vegetables are are washed and cleaned before they are frozen, and therefore it is not nescessary to wash the vegetables before cooking. If you are in doubt, please find further information on our packaging.
Follow the link below for more information on our frozen vegetables
Learn more about our vegetables here
Ice may occur in smaller quantities and is normal in frozen vegetable bags.
Airholes are necessary for the air to get out of the bag