Can I see a list of the ingredients, you use in your Dairy-Free products?

Yes, you can see them here.

Do I get the same nutritional benefits (i.e. calcium) from Emborg Dairy-Free products as in the traditional Emborg products?

Emborg Dairy-Free products are enriched with Calcium and B12 vitamin. The nutritional benefits depend of product type. You can read more about the ingredients and nutritional values here

Are Emborg Dairy-Free suitable for vegans/vegetarians?

Yes. Emborg Dairy-Free are suitable for vegans and vegetarians 

Can I eat Emborg Dairy-Free products if I have lactose intolerance?

Yes, you can use our products if you have lactose intolerance.

Can I enjoy Emborg Dairy-Free products if I have gluten allergy?

Yes. Emborg Dairy-Free products are free from gluten.

Does Emborg Dairy-Free Shreds melt like dairy-based cheeses?

Some might say, that dairy free products will never be like real cheese, we believe Emborg Dairy-Free products are good alternatives. You can read about the vegan chef, Doug McNish’ experience with Emborg Dairy-Free products here.

Where can I buy Emborg Dairy-Free products?

It will vary from country to country where you can buy the products. Please contact us for more detailed information here.

Are Emborg Dairy Free Carrageenan free?

Yes, Emborg Dairy Free products are carrageenan free.