What is processed cheese?

 Processed cheese contains cheese and other ingredients such as flavouring, emulsifying agents, salt.

What is the difference between Italian, American, Swiss & Dutch Cheese Slices?

They are made of real European Cheese of different flavour.
American – Cheddar; Italian – Mozzarella; Dutch – gouda; Swiss – Emmental
They are all perfect on bread, in toasts, burgers, sandwiches and snacks.

What is the difference between this range and Power Panda?

Refer to point #2 above. Add “Power Panda is kids’ good friend – meant for kids.”

How many slices are there in one pack?

10 slices.

How long should I keep it once it has been opened?

After opening the foil wrapping, we recommend eating the cheese right away. Exposure to air will dry out the cheese.