Good morning to a great day Good morning to a great day

Good morning to a great day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You have probably heard that before, right? But do YOU eat breakfast? And do you know WHY it is so important?

When you eat your last meal of the day and go to bed, you fast all through the night until you eat again the next day.  So if you wake up and go straight to school or work without any breakfast, you are running on empty, which is like trying to start a car with no petrol. That’s not the best idea, right?

Numerous studies show that eating a healthy breakfast every day helps your energy level throughout the day, as well as your overall health. It can help you lose weight, keep your heart healthy, minimise the risks of diabetes, improve your memory and concentration levels and so much more.



The best breakfast

The best breakfast

You might be thinking: “So how do I create a good breakfast?” Well, the best 
breakfast is the one that gets eaten, but some things are better than others, of course.

You want to aim for a breakfast that combines good carbs and fibre with 
some protein and healthy fatty acids. Here’s a couple of examples:

1) Good carbs and fibers 
Grapefruit, kiwi, apple, banana, melon, blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, 
cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, beans, whole wheat bread, oats, brown rice

2) Protein 
Eggs, fresh fish, chicken, yoghurt, skyr, low-fat cheese, fresh milk

3) Healthy fatty acids 
Almonds, nuts, olive oil, avocado, chia seeds

For example, try yogurt with banana slices and almonds. Or what about 
an omelette with mushrooms, red peppers and low-fat cheese? 
You could also go for oats and milk topped with blue berries and nuts.

There are so many delicious foods, so try them out and find your favourite!



Five benefits of eating breakfast

1) Breakfast for the brain
When you eat breakfast you restore your glucose levels. This is essential for the brain to function at its best. Eating breakfast can improve your memory and concentration levels so you perform better throughout the day. Breakfast also improves your mood, making you happier and lowering your stress levels.

2) Breakfast gives you energy
Your body and mind need fuel to work! That fuel is the food and drinks you consume throughout the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast gives you a good load of energy in the morning so you can stay active until lunch.

3) Lose weight
Several studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast every morning will help you lose weight. Many people skip breakfast because they want to cut calories, and they think it is fine to go without. Actually, this is a very poor strategy because you will often end up eating even more calories later in the day since your blood sugar is low in the morning, which makes you feel hungry and tired all day so you will tend to eat more junk.

4) Hit your daily targets
When you eat a breakfast with a mix of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates, you are well on your way to hitting the recommended daily targets for vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc.

5) Jump-start your metabolism
When you sleep, your metabolism tends to slow down. One way to jump-start your metabolism for the day is to start off right with a healthy breakfast. This allows your body to start burning calories from the very beginning of the day rather than in the middle of the day after you ate lunch.

Did you know?

  • That most people state taste, speed, filling, quick to prepare and health as the most important factors when it comes to breakfast?


  • That a lot of women prioritize their hair, make-up and clothes for the day rather than eating breakfast?


  • That the word breakfast refers to breaking the fasting period of the prior night?



Vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals

Do you get enough?