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Frozen fruits and vegetables – often a better choice

The types of fruits and vegetables that are available to buy include fresh, canned and frozen.

Fresh fruit and vegetables bought at a supermarket are usually not as fresh as we would expect. They are picked before they naturally ripen, which stops the development of minerals and vitamins. While they might look ripe on the outside, they will not have the full spectre of nutritious content.

Also, while being transported, they may have to undergo long periods of being exposed to heat and light, which can also lead to further degradation of vitamins.

Canned fruits and vegetables will always include additional ingredients and additives to help preserve them.

Quite often, a high amount of sodium will be used as well as other preservatives, and as a result they lose a lot of their nutritious content during the preservation process. 

Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at full ripeness. Once harvested, the packaging process involves them being blanched in hot water or steam, which can cause some vitamins to break down and leach out. However, the subsequent quick-freeze process helps to:

Maintain most of the minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants
Keep the fruits and vegetables more nutrient-rich compared to fresh or canned fruits and vegetables
Give you convenience because the frozen fruits and vegetables have been cleaned, prepared and are ready to be consumed or cooked immediately
Save you time and less waste because no soaking, cleaning or chopping is required for frozen fruits and vegetables
Secure a long shelf life

While fresh fruits and vegetables bought directly from a farm or farmers' market will usually be fresh, healthy and tasty, frozen fruits and vegetables are often a better choice for freshness and taste. For example, have you ever bought fresh blueberries and compared the taste and texture to a bag of frozen blueberries? The fresh ones are often inconsistent in taste (some are sweet, some are sour) as well as in texture. Blueberries picked when ripe and then quick-freeze process will have the most nutrients locked in, as well as a fuller and more consistent taste.

Did you know...?

Our Emborg Garden Peas are frozen within just 2 hours from harvest.

This locks in all the nutrients, so they are packed with goodness and busting with flavour.

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