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New Emborg Dairy-Free

Our Dairy-Free products are good alternatives for every occasion, whether you prefer to enjoy a classic sandwich, panini, or a favourite homemade pizza with shredded “cheese”.

We have four different tasty dairy free slices. Original Slices and Mozzarella Style slices are mild and creamy with a great and stretchy texture. You can add even more flavor to your sandwich, toast or grilled panini with our sliced Cheddar style or slices Garlic & Herb style.

The three dairy free shreds are ideal toppings to your hot dish when you want to enjoy a rich flavour with a great stretch. Our Tex Mex Style shreds adds flavor to your Mexican favourites, such as tacos, nachos, and burritos. Or try Shredded Pizza Style on your favourite pizza or Shredded Cheddar Style as topping on your baked potato.


More and more consumers have taken an active choice to avoid or reduce their intake of dairy. More people are seeking dairy-free product options due to lactose-intolerance, the environment, or simply because of dietary preferences.

Emborg Dairy-Free products have been developed to satisfy the growing demand for non-dairy alternatives - without compromising on ingredients, nutrients or most important on taste.

Click here to download a list on the ingredients and nutritional values in our Dairy Free products


Doug McNish

Our new Emborg dairy free products have been well received. So well that we now welcome Doug McNish to share the food love of our Emborg Brand. Doug is a Canadian chef, who is excellent at turning Vegan products into delicious dishes, and he has a special place in his heart for Emborg’s Vegan cheese options. 

Doug McNish

When I first tried Emborg Vegan Cheese I was blown away by not only the taste, but the texture and mouth feel. Not only does Emborg have the best taste of all Vegan cheeses on the market, but it melts like no other vegan cheese I have ever had. I am excited for what the team at Emborg has done and for the world to taste it

Doug McNish Executive Vegan Chef