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Sweet dreams are made of creams!
Take your sweet recipes to the next level with a sweet and smooth cream from Emborg. We have created delicious sweetened creams for you to enjoy with your favourite dessert. Emborg creams are made from European farm cow's milk with premium quality. Scroll down and discover our creamy products and get inspired by our sweet recipes.

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Natural Whipping Cream

Natural Whipping Cream

Emborg Whipping cream and Whip Toppiong are full bodied creams with a fresh, natural creamy flavour.

Our whipping cream has a great versatility across multiple applications such as desserts, pastry and sauces.

When the cream is whipped, it has an excellent volume and stability, which makes it perfect for cake filling and topping.

Emborg Whip Topping is available in 1 ltr while Emborg Whipping cream is available in 200ml and 1 ltr, to perfectly fit your need.

Sweet Perfect Whip

Sweet Perfect Whip

Emborg Perfect Whip is an sweetended whipping cream - a perfect fit for cake toppings and cake fillings.

Emborg Perfect Whip has an amazing effect and triples the volume after whipping, and secures a beautiful and lasting result.

Use the cream on cakes or try it on a bowl of fresh fruit.

Sweet Whipped Cream

Sweet Whipped Cream

Emborg Whipped Cream is perfect for quick sweets. 

Emborg Whipped cream is made from natural cream and staus fresh in the can, for you to avoid dirty dishes and food waste.

The whipped cream has a slightly sweetened flavour, that is perfect on desserts, hot chocolate or even on your homemade milkshake.

In the mood for something creamy? In the mood for something creamy?

In the mood for something creamy?

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