Fresh Frozen<br />Fruit and Berries Fresh Frozen<br />Fruit and Berries

Fresh Frozen
Fruit and Berries

Enjoy the real taste of fresh and juicy fruit and berries - directly from your freezer for marmalade, lemonade, smoothie, dessert or cake and benefit from the original vitamins and minerals that are locked in every bite. Feel free to mix your favourite combination. 

Emborg Fresh Frozen Fruit and Berries are selected from farming areas with the best growing conditions. They are picked, washed and frozen within hours after harvest to retain the real taste and nutrients. Bring real freshness to the table. 

Berry Love

We love fruit and berries and their vibrant beautiful colours, texture and flavours.

Even though fruit and berry season is only a few short weeks out of the year, frozen fruit and berries allow us to enjoy the sweet taste of summer year round with a tasty fruit garden in your freezer.

The Emborg fruit and berry selection consists of:
Frozen Berries - Strawberries, Blueberries, Strawberries & Blueberries, Tropical Mix, and Mango Chunks
Tropical Fruits - Tropical Mix, and Mango Chunks


Fresh frozen

While fresh fruits and berries bought in season direct from a farm or farmer’s market will usually be fresh, healthy and tasty, frozen fruits and berries are often a better choice for freshness and taste. Our berries are picked when ripened and then quick-frozen and thereby have the most nutrients locked in, as well as a fuller and more consistent taste.

The convenience of frozen fruits and berries is also another benefit. The fruits and berries have been cleaned, prepared and are ready to be consumed or cooked immediately. No soaking, cleaning or chopping required!


Fruity recipes

Visit our recipes section to find inspiration on how to use Frozen fruit and berries in your desserts and dishes.

”See our delicious and flavourfull recipes with fruit and berries”


Healthy and convenient

Our frozen fruit and berries is just that: fruit and berries. We have not added caloric syrups or additives, they are just pure, unadulterated, nutrient-rich fruit and berries.

Single servings are easy to extract from the freezer for use in cakes, desserts, juices, smoothies or for snacking. Frozen is always there when you want it – whenever you need a cup, a scoop or a sprinkle. What could be more convenient? Every season is the perfect season for taste and nutrition – so enjoy frozen fruit and berries.


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