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A fresh and tasty garden in your freezer

A fresh and tasty garden in your freezer

Enjoy the real taste of fresh and crispy vegetables - directly from your freezer.

Emborg Frozen vegetables are selected from European farming areas with the best growing conditions. They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours after harvest to retain the real taste and nutrients. 

Pick them fresh from your freezer for any meal, and benefit from the original vitamins and minerals that are preserved in every bite. Feel free to chop, mix, cook, blanch or boil your own favorite combination. Bring freshness to the table. 

Please enjoy…

Emborg Frozen vegetables

Emborg frozen vegetables have since the launch in the 1980s been preferred by consumers due to their premium quality.

In order to ensure the best quality, the vegetables are quick frozen, which is a freezing method at extremely low temperatures enabling the freezing time to take only a few minutes.

The harvest methods differs depending on the characteristics of the vegetables. Coles like broccoli, cauliflowers and Brussels sprout are handpicked on the field by the local farmer whereas others are professionally harvested.

The crops are frequently quality controlled in regards to seeding, crop treatment and harvest time.

This is how we ensure the best Emborg quality with real taste.

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Easy Cooking by Emborg
Mixed Salad with couscous

A luscious and healthy mixed salad with our fresh frozen Emborg Garden Peas. See how quick and easy it is to make. Please enjoy…

French Fries

French Fries

Enjoy the crispy real taste of original French Fries.

Our French Fries are the easy way to serve a hot and tasty side dish.

Whether you prefer shoestrings, straight or crinkle, you can be sure that the potatoes are high quality and carefully selected to ensure you get the best taste and cooking experience.

The rest is up to you and your favourite dish. 

Please enjoy…

Frozen fruits<br />and vegetables<br />- often a better choice

Frozen fruits
and vegetables
- often a better choice

Healthy frozen vegetables