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Explore fresh and delicious new tastes and flavourfull vegetables with Emborg Speciality greens. All our vegetables are carefully selected from European farms with the best growing conditions. They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours to retain the real taste and secure all vitamins. Scroll down and discover our range of specialities.

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Soft Sliced Mushrooms

Soft Sliced Mushrooms

Delicious European sliced mushrooms.

Enjoy the delicious and rich mushroom flavour that will add an umami flavour to your recipe. Mushrooms has a soft but firm texture and is a great source of protein and fibres. 

Enjoy our sliced mushrooms in risottos, sauces or sautéed in butter.

Tender Green Beans

Tender Green Beans

Emborg green beans - a tender and delicious source of great vitamins and protein.

Choose between Emborg Edamame Beans that has a delicious and crispy flavour - delcate in stir-fries or simple as a snack sprinkled with salt or Emborg Broad Beans that are ideal in salads or as a side dish for lamb and fish! 

Both of our green beans are made from European Farms, and freshly frozen to ensure a high level of vitamins and minerals - and off course a great taste! 

Tender Brussles Sprouts

Tender Brussles Sprouts

Tender Brussels Sprouts from high quality European farms. 

Brussels Sprouts has a delicate and crispy texture and are filled with great vitamin C, firbres and protein! 

Enjoy our brussels sprouts in stir-fries, salads or simply sautéed or roasted.

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