Our business is based on passion for food. The best ingredients and processes are the core of every Emborg product and our timeline speaks for itself. The heart of our business beats strongly in every product category, in every supermarket and on every dinner table where our products are served.



Emborg helps Moms break the everyday pattern by providing them the inspiration, joy, creativity, playfulness and products needed to make every day special. We were founded in 1947 and are now celebrating our Emborg 70th Anniversary - celebrating 70 years of making every day special.


Our customers are and always will be the main focus for us – and in 2016 we worked on getting even closer to them. We have launched our global Emborg.com website and several new Facebook pages (SG/TH/PH/UAE) to be able to engage further with our audience and to target our customers.


Emborg is again and for the fifth time in a row named Superbrand in the UAE.
Emborg is introduced on Facebook and Instagram in Malaysia.


Emborg is yet again named Superbrand in the UAE.
The Emborg Purpose: Mom Partnership - is introduced.


Emborg is named Superbrand in the UAE for the fourth time and Emborg Power Panda is introduced on Facebook in Malaysia.


Emborg is again named Superbrand in the UAE.


Emborg is again named Superbrand in the UAE. The Emborg Power Panda is launched in Asia and becomes a growth driver for Emborg.


Based on thorough consumer research, a new design is developed featuring a deep, royal purple with a strong consumer appeal. Also a new communication platform is developed: "Bring the real taste home" communicating that Emborg offers quality food products with real taste.


The first Emborg office is established in Malaysia, and Emborg is named Superbrand in the UAE for the first time.
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Emborg dairy products are introduced in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.


The first Emborg office is established in the Middle East.


Emborg chicken franks and frozen vegetables are introduced in Malaysia and become a very important part of business in South-East Asia.


The product portfolio is expanded to include frozen vegetables and chicken franks.


Emborg enters the Middle Eastern market, initially in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. During the second half of the 20th century, Emborg hamburgers have become so popular that they are dubbed "Emburgers".


Emborg was founded in 1947 and back then the product portfolio included beef burgers, steaks, poultry and canned seafood.
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