Cream cheese mousse

Cream cheese mousse

8 servings 8 servings
Ready in 45 min. Ready in 45 min.


  • 150 g Emborg Whipping Cream
  • 200 g Emborg Cream Cheese
  • 20 g Emborg Milk
  • 100 g sugar
  • 6 g gelatin
  • 2 medium-size eggs (whole)
  • 1 tsp vanilla essential oil, edible                 

Whip the cream in a bowl until the foam becomes firm enough to leave trails when the mixer is removed – chill the whipped cream.

Now, using the same mixer and utensils, whip the cream cheese until it becomes smooth - keep covered at room temperature until all items are prepared.

Whip sugar and eggs in a heatproof bowl over boiling water, without touching the water, until the foam has turned white, leaves soft peaks, and tripled its volume.

Put the gelatine powder in the milk to bloom, then melt the gelatine by heating the milk gently - mix into the still warm egg-sugar mixture.

Quickly fold the egg foam into the cream cheese mixture followed by the whipped cream - pour into prepared moulds or into a pre-baked tart shell.