Making every day Healthy

Making every day Healthy

Serves 1 Serves 1
Ready in  10 min. Ready in 10 min.

Place a slice of Emborg Gouda on the toasted bread. Cut the bread and the cheese into a triangle. Cut lines across the cheese at a distance of approximately 1 cm apart. First one way, then the other, so that it forms a pattern like an ice-cream cornet. Place the bread with the cheese on a serving plate.

Start boiling the egg for 6 minutes in a saucepan of water. Remove from the heat and let it cool down.

Shape the chicken slice using a round pastry cutter (or a glass, if you don't have a pastry cutter) and place it on top of the cornet (the bread with the cheese) as the first "scoop of ice cream", Rinse and shape the spinach leaf and place it on the plate as the second "scoop of ice cream". Rinse the tomato and cut a whole slice of tomato and a half slice of tomato. Place the half slice closes to the ice-cream cornet as a scoop of ice cream sticking up slightly from the cornet. Place the whole slice of tomato as a scoop of ice cream further up the plate.

Cut a slice of the cooled egg and place it on the plate as another "scoop of ice cream". Peel the carrot and cut a slice off to place as a final "scoop of ice cream" on the plate.

Then, rinse and cut the spring onion into small, fine rings. Arrange the mayonnaise at the top of the "scoops of ice-cream" so that it represents whipped cream, and finally, sprinkle it with the spring onion so that it resembles sprinkles.

Et voila. You now have a Healthy Dish. Serve immediately

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How to make your
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