Introducing our chef - Nikolaj Lenz (Nik)

Before being appointed as our corporate chef, Nikolaj Lenz amassed 12 years of experience in 5-star hotels and restaurants in Europe and the US, before adding an 8-year stint in Asia to his resumé.

Nik customises menus for a wide range of venues, and works on processes that enhance R&D and increase staff empowerment. In addition, he conducts training sessions for regional bakeries and restaurant chains. Working with food distributors across South East Asia, chef Nik focuses on training related to the crucial area of product knowledge.

In partnership with culinary schools and chef associations in South East Asia, Nik has spearheaded ‘Uhrenholt Young Chefs’, an initiative that empowers young chefs through professional development. 

Introducing our chef - Raweekant Tukkinsathian (Tak)

Chef Tak has over 10 years experience and special skills in pastry and food styling. He has had extensive on-the-job training by many great pastry chefs.

Tak has also worked as an instructor in a leading culinary institute in Bangkok, Suan Dusit International Culinary School.

Chef Tak was one of very first chefs to compete internationally for Thailand Culinary Academy. Later on he contributed as a coach and treasurer of the Academy for a number of years.

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