Stuffed grilled chicken

Stuffed grilled chicken

with Danablu, baby beets and radish
Serves 2 Serves 2
Ready in 60 min. Ready in 60 min.


  • 180 g chicken breast with skin
  • 60 g Emborg Cream Cheese
  • 50 g Emborg Danablu
  • 45 g Emborg Butter
  • 3 baby beets, boiled
  • 6 baby radishes, boiled
  • Micro carrot tops, as needed
  • 5 g all-purpose flour
  • 100 ml chicken stock
  • 30 g olive oil
  • 20 g lemon juice
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Salt, pepper to taste

Prepare the chicken

Cut a long incision in the chicken breast creating a long tunnel for the filling, make it as long as possible.

Toss the chicken breast in the oil, lemon, salt, pepper and let it marinate for 10 min.


Prepare the filling

With a spoon, mix the following ingredients in a bowl: cream cheese, egg yolk, 40 g crumbled Danablu a few drops of lemon juice and salt, pepper.

Put this mixture in a plastic sandwich bag.

Snip off a bottom corner of the bag and pipe the content into the chicken breast.

Let this rest for 10 min.



In a pan, sear the chicken breast on the skin side until it chars and caramelizes well. Turn the breast over and sear 30 sec on the meat side.

Place in pre-heated oven set at 190ºC and bake 5-8 minutes until the breast is cooked, yet juicy.

Carefully to not overcook - as it is stuffed the meat will over cook easy, even with the creamy filling.


Prepare the chicken jus

Heat up the same pan and when hot, pour chicken stock and cook for a minute or so.

Toss butter and Danablu in the all-purpose flour.

Add that to the chicken stock and let it emulsify.

Season with lemon juice and serve over the chicken breast.


Reheat the radish in olive oil and butter and season. Remove from heat but keep it warm.

Similarly, reheat the beets and season.

Arrange the vegetables around the chicken and top with micro carrot tops.