The heart<br />of Emborg The heart<br />of Emborg

The heart
of Emborg

We want to make it easy for you to ensure your family’s wellbeing. With Emborg, you get real, tasty and nutritious food of a consistent high quality and a wide selection of family-friendly food products at affordable prices.

It all started in 1947 when Emborg was founded. Since then we have offered real, nutritious and flavourful food products. A meal does not have to be complicated or expensive to be delicious. With quality products and simple recipes, we offer delicious and enjoyable products with high nutritional value.

For all our products, we strive for the highest quality. The products are made with nourishment in mind, making them appetising in flavour, texture and appearance.


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We are the obvious choice to ensure a nutritious and tasty meal that everyone in the family will enjoy. Our comprehensive product family offers real, nutritious and flavourful food products across a wide range of categories.

We offer reliable products, not only providing you with the quality you can expect from a company that is passionate about food, but we also strive to make dinner an enjoyable moment. 




Give your children super powers by serving them Power Panda cheese or milk for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack in between. It is a powerful way to give them a natural source of calcium and vitamins, and it is fun and enjoyable.

To know Power Panda is to know that your children are eating tasty and healthy dairy products as part of a well-balanced diet. Power Panda knows how to please the youngest of the family, even the picky ones, and he will empower them with nutritious meals and, of course, the healthiest thing of all – a smile.


Bring the real taste home

A delicious meal starts with natural ingredients. We select our ingredients based on where they have the best growing conditions. With expertise and passion, we make sure that our quality standard meets your requirements for real taste.

Our product family plays an important role in the lives of thousands of families. We are present at the table at one of the most treasured moments of everyday life: dinnertime. This is a responsibility we recognise and value, and we take ensuring an enjoyable and tasty dinner-time experience for everyone in the family seriously. We do it without compromising, in order to meet the high expectations you have for a tasty dinner – both children and parents.



Our wide range of products and categories make it possible to easily bring dinner on the table.


We ensure the right flavour and make nutritious food products that you can enjoy at any time.


Taste is the key factor, which is why our production methods retain the natural flavours in the ingredients. Real taste is achieved by handling and processing the ingredients with care, as well as through our many years of know-how and experience.


Emborg is owned by the Uhrenholt family. As a result, we recognise and relate to families around the world. A strong faith in family values is one of our biggest drivers and the source of our passion for nutritious and flavourful meals in everyday life. Emborg products are from families – for families.