Iron is an essential mineral to keep the body funtioning optimally.
One of its main functions is to help make red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. If you don’t have enough iron in your body, you might suffer from iron-deficiency anaemia.

Iron can be found in meat, beans, nuts, dried fruit, whole grains, fortified cereal and vegetables. Emborg offers a wide range of products that contain iron, such as garden peas, green beans, broccoli and spinach. Click here and discover Emborg's wide selection of vegetables that are perfect for adding iron to your diet in an easy way. 

Add iron to your diet

Add iron to your diet

Iron deficiency is the most common form of nutritional deficiency. To ensure you get enough iron, here is some food to look out for:

Add beans or cooked spinach to your meals, as they contain lots of iron

Sunflower seeds containing iron make a great snack or addition to a variety of dishes

Cereals fortified with iron are great for a solid breakfast

If you are in the mood for something extra, try oisters which are full of iron

Meet spinach - the superfood

Spinach is a superfood, meaning that it is filled with beneficial nutrients, including high levels of iron.

The vitamins and minerals in spinach strengthen the body's immune system due to its high level of antioxidants. Another great benefit of eating spinach is its high level of zinc and protein, which strengthens the muscles and bone structure. 

Use Emborg Whole Leaf Spinach as an immune booster in your daily diet.

Try these easy spinach recipes to get your Popey on:

Spinach Tortillas

Gnocci with Spinach and Peas

Spinach Lasagna

Hot Spinach Dip

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