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Emborg Cream Cheese is made completely from natural ingredients with a premium quality to ensure a high level of calcium, a delicious taste and a creamy texture.

Whether you are in the mood for a delicious bagel or a sweet cheesecake, Emborg has the variant for every occasion. Scroll down and learn more about our creamy and natural universe

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Original US Cream Cheese

Original US Cream Cheese

Emborg US cream cheese is a fresh, natural cheese that can be used in sandwiches, baking and cooking.

The original US cream cheese from Emborg has a firm and smooth texture, which makes it perfect for cheesecakes.

Emborg US cream cheese is produced in US, with respect to the american cream cheese tradition and the original recipe and taste.

Real European Cream Cheese

Real European Cream Cheese

Emborg Cream Cheese is made from real European cream.

It is a fresh cheese, soft and creamy with a mild and smooth flavour.

Enjoy the European Cream Cheese fresh with its delicious and intense creamy flavour by adding it to bread, bagels and crackers, or use it in quinces and gratins for a delicious creamy flavour.

Soft Cheese Triangles

Soft Cheese Triangles

Delicious creamy triangles - perfect for your afternoon snack.

Emborg Cheese Triangles has a mild taste and a creamy texture, easy to spread on your toasted bread or simply enjoy as a quick snack.

The convenient packaging with eight individual packed portion makes it easy to enjoy the small bites even on the go - a true family favourite.

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