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Enjoy a slice of tasty, smooth and creamy cheese to create the best burger, wrap or sandwich with Emborg sandwich and burger slices.

Every slice is a question of taste – your taste. Scroll down and learn more about our delicious slices.

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Mild Cheddar Slices

Mild Cheddar Slices

A true family favourite! 

Emborg Mild Cheddar Slices are delicious and fun snacks for the whole family. 

The creamy slices are great sources of calcium and protein, which are important for both children and adults! 

Spice up your breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack with Emborg Mild Slices for a delicious creamy texture and a mild taste. 

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Tasty American Slices

Tasty American Slices

Emborg American Slices are the perfect ingredient to your favourite burger.

With a rich cheddar taste and creamy texture, Emborg American slices will compliment any burger or sandwich filling.

Our delicious American Cheddar are also available in a family pack with 400g.

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Real Italian Slices

Real Italian Slices

Delicious and characteristic slices with mozzarella for a smooth and creamy flavour.

Emborg Italian slices melts to perfection on your homemade pizza, or perhaps a grilled panini?

We have also created a light version for you, who wants lower content of fat.

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Sweet Dutch Slices

Sweet Dutch Slices

Classic slices with Gouda cheese for a mild and creamy flavour.

Gouda cheese is a delicious Dutch yellow cheese which is known for its rich and sweet flavour.

Gouda cheese is dates from 1184, which makes it one of the oldest cheeses still made today.

These delicious slices are perfect in a homemade sandwich or with an afternoon snack. Click here and inspired by our easy and delicious sandwiches 


Nutty Swiss Slices

Nutty Swiss Slices

Classic emmentaler slices with a sweet and nutty flavour. 

Swiss cheese is known for its high level of calcium and healthy dose of vitamin B12.

Add the Delicious Emborg Swiss slices in your favourite bagel or sandwich for a great taste and a creamy texture.

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Mild Perfect Slices

Mild Perfect Slices

With Emborg Perfect Slices, you get mild and creamy cheese slices that are great with sandwiches, wraps or simply on a piece of bread. 

Our perfect slices are produced in Europe, who are known for a long tradition of fine quality.

Emborg Perfect slices comes in three different sizes.

Whether you prefer 100g with 6 slices, 200g with 12 slices or the larger our 400 g family size with 24 delicious slices.

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