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Emborg Natural Cheese is made from simple and natural ingredients to ensure a high level of calcium, protein and vitamins. We have created a broad range of natural cheese variants in both blocks and slices , so you can easily add our delicious slices in your favourite recipe and enjoy the real and natural taste of cheese. Scroll down and discover our broad range of natural cheese.

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Milky Italian Mozzarella

Milky Italian Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a delicious stretched curd cheese, also referred to as “pasta filata” cheese, which is created with a double technique that creates the unique and famous mozzarella stretch.

Mozzarella cheese contains more calcium than many other cheeses, with 51% of calcium per 100 grams, mozzarella is on the top of the list of calcium-contained cheeses.

Emborg Sliced Mozzarella is great in both hot and cold dishes - for instance in your favourite grilled panini.


European Rich Cheddar

European Rich Cheddar

Cheddar – actually the most famous cheese in the world!

Cheddar is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk. Cheddar has a rich and tasty flavour with a nice and long aftertaste. Ideal in a delicious burger or a grilled sandwich.

Cheddar cheese has been produced since 1170, and originates from the British village Cheddar, which was known for its caves where inhabitants stored and matured the cheese.

Use Emborg Sliced Cheddar in your homemade cheeseburgers for a perfect melt. 

Traditional Emmentaler

Traditional Emmentaler

Emmentaler Cheese is a hard yellow cheese that originates from Emmental in Switzerland.

Emmentaler cheese has been produced there since the 15th century which makes it the country’s oldest cheese. Emmentaler is made from cow’s milk and is known for its characteristic larges holes.

Emmentaler cheese has a nutty and piquant flavour and is perfect for sandwiches - both hot and cold.


Creamy Rich Havarti

Creamy Rich Havarti

Havarti is a creamy but semi-hard European cheese with small characteristic holes that can be dated back to 1921

The traditional Havarti cheese is known for its rich, buttery, and mild taste.

Due to its high level of fat, the smooth cheese is perfect in both hot and cold recipes such as sandwiches, wraps, or simply on a piece of bread.

Rich Sweet Gouda

Rich Sweet Gouda

Gouda cheese is a delicious Dutch yellow cheese which is known for its rich and sweet flavour.

Gouda cheese dates from 1184, which makes it one of the oldest cheeses, still made today. The cheese is made from cow’s milk and is matured for at least four weeks, which gives the cheese a rich taste and a smooth texture.

Add Emborg gouda slices to your afternoon snack and your all-day-breakfast sandwich.


Mild Edam

Mild Edam

Edam Cheese is a semi-hard cow’s cheese with a mild and nutty flavour. Emborg Sliced Edam is perfect for both hot and cold sandwiches with any fillings.

Edam cheese has been produced in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages and since then, the famous cheese has been world known for its all-around usage and mild flavour.

The characteristic and unique cheese is named after the authentic Dutch city Edam and is great in hot and cold sandwiches, including your favourite bagel.

European Natural Blocks

European Natural Blocks

Emborg natural cheese blocks - the final touch to any recipe.

Our Mozzarella block has a traditional milky flavour and a perfect melt and will give a rich flavour and a perfect stretch to any recipe. You can easily shred the block in any size you wish and sprinkle it on top of your homemade pizza or grilled sandwich.

Emborg Pizza Topping has a delicious mild and milky taste. The block has a semi-firm texture with is easy to slice, shred or cube to suit various recipes. 

Emborg Emmentaler block is a traditional Emmentaler with a semi-hard texture and a piquant and nutty flavour. Emmentaler is known for its characteristic holes, wich are a sign of great quality.  

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Real Natural Wedges

Real Natural Wedges

Emborg Edam Wedges and Gouda Wedges fits perfectly to any cheese table, or tapas.

Emborg Gouda Wedges has a delicious rich and sweet flavour and a characteristic smooth texture while Emborg Edam Wedges has a buttery and nutty flavour.

Both cheeses goes well with apples and pears as garnish and perhaps a fresh bread or salty crackers to make a delcious cheese snack.

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