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Creating a positive meal-time environment is hard, and it can be challenging to make something everyone likes. Emborg shredded cheese is something everyone in the family for sure will love! 
Emborg shredded cheese is the perfect ingredient to any dishes. Top you favourite recipe with a delicious creaminess and rich taste. Scroll down and learn more about our shredded universe and try our cheesy recipes.

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Traditional Emmentaler

Traditional Emmentaler

Emmentaler Cheese is a hard yellow cheese that originates from Emmental in Switzerland, and has been produced there since the 15th century which makes it the country’s oldest cheese!

Emmentaler cheese has a nutty and piquant flavour.

Use Emborg Shredded Emmentaler on top of pies and other baked recipes for a creamy texture and a great taste. 


Delicious 3 cheese bake

Delicious 3 cheese bake

A delicious blend of traditional Mozzarella, Gouda and red Cheddar.

We have taken the milky mozzarella, the sweet gouda and the rich and creamy cheddar and created the perfect blend of high quality cheese.

Use the mixture in baked dishes and your homemade lasagna.

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European Cheesy Toppings

European Cheesy Toppings

Emborg shredded toppings are the perfect ingredients to any dish.Top you favourite recipe with a delicious creaminess and rich taste.

We have created a delicious pizza topping, that melts to perfection, a rich and creamy cheddar topping for your baked recipes,  and a perfect pasta cheese to top of your homemade pastas.

All you have to do, is find your favourite. 

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Stretchy Milky Mozzarella

Stretchy Milky Mozzarella

The myth behind mozzarella cheese is that it was first discovered when cheese curd accidently fell into a pail of hot water in a cheese factory near Naples.

Did you know that mozzarella cheese actually contains more calcium than many other cheeses. With 51% of calcium per 100 grams, mozzarella are on the top of the list of calcium contained cheeses! 

This delicious shredded mozzarella is great in any baked, grilled, heated recipe to add a delicious mild and creamy mozzarella taste, and a perfect mozzarella stretch. Click here and get inspired by our shredded cheese recipes 


 *Our shredded mozzarella is also available in a family size. 

European Rich Cheddar

European Rich Cheddar

Cheddar – actually the most famous cheese in the world!

Cheddar is a semi-hard cheese made my cow’s milk is a rich and tasty flavour with a nice and long aftertaste.
Cheddar cheese has been produced since 1170, and originates from the British village Cheddar, which was known for its caves, where inhabitants stored and matured the cheese.

Emborg Shredded Cheddar is perfect for both hot and cold recipes as a grilled sandwich or a chispy nachos with a spicy salsa.

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