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Discover Emborg creams for any occasion.
Add a smooth creamy texture to any recipe with our delicious creams. 
Emborg creams are made from European farms with premium quality and a delicious taste. We have carefully developed a cream for every occasion, so you only have to decide which dish you want to cook, and add a bit of the fluid happiness. Scroll down and discover our different variants and creamy recipes. 

Discover our delicious creams

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Natural Cooking Cream

Natural Cooking Cream

Emborg Cooking Cream has a great versatility across multiple applications.

Perfect for soups, sauces or lasagna. Emborg Cooking Cream adds extraordinary smoothness, great taste and glossy finished shine to your favourite dish.

The cream is even perfect for making sauces ahead of time to re-heat without splitting or curdling. 

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Perfect Pasta Cream

Perfect Pasta Cream

Emborg Perfect Pasta has an extraordinary creaminess and thickness, and is an easy way to make your pasta dishes just perfect.

Due to the creamy and thick texture, Emborg Perfect Pasta can even be used for dips and dressings.

You can even re-heat the cream and still achive a nice and glossy finish.  

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Rich Sour Cream

Rich Sour Cream

Rich and smooth sour cream with a premium European quality.

Emborg Sour Cream has a creamy, smooth and thick texture which makes it easy to apply in both savory and sweet recipes.

Emborg Sour Cream contains 24% fat which makes it extra creamy and rich in flavour and will add a perfect richness to many recipes.

Try our delicious Sour cream in dips, dressings or in your homemade quiche. 

In the mood for something creamy? In the mood for something creamy?

In the mood for something creamy?

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