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Yogurt & Smoothies

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Emborg Natural yogurt made from real European cream - an  all purpose product ideal for cooking, baking, dips and dressings. We have created a delicious range of yogurt and smoothies in different sizes and flavours to enjoy both at home and on-the-go. Scrool down and learn more.


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Fresh Natural Yogurt

Fresh Natural Yogurt

Emborg Natural Yogurt is made from real European cream, and is ideal for cooking, baking, dips and dressings.

Emborg Yogurt is more specifically from Germany, who are also known for their high quality dairy products. 

Our natural yogurt has a creamy, smooth and extra thick texture which is excellent to use alone or mix into other ingredients.

TIP: top of your yogurt with fresh fruits and a granola for an easy and healthy breakfast.

Easy Creamy U'GO

Easy Creamy U'GO

Emborg U'GO is a tasty selection of breakfast and dessert products, that are based on fresh milk and made with real fruit.

Emborg U'GO comes in three delicious and rich flavours: Strawberry, Peach & Passionfruit, and Raspberry.

Enjoy and indulge yourself not only for breakfast, but thoughout the day with a healthy snack option from Emborg .

Delicious Protein Smoothies

Delicious Protein Smoothies

Emborg Protein Smoothies are delicious and healthy snacks with sweet and fruity flavours.

Each bottle contains 20g protein per bottle and less than 1% fat. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer and are a great source of energy. Learn more about protein here 

The sweet flavour comes from real fruit as there are 0% added sugar.

Choose between two flavours: Juicy organce and sweet mango or sweet raspberry and tasty blueberry.

In the mood for a creamy treat? In the mood for a creamy treat?

In the mood for a creamy treat?

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