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Bring the real taste home with Emborg Organic Vegetables. Our organic range is made from 100% organic European farms who don’t use any conventional methods to fertilize and control weeds to ensure high quality, fresh taste, better environmental conditions, animal welfare and better digestion – the benefits are numerous. You can learn more about the benefits of eating organic here. Scroll down and discover our organic range. 

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Organic Mixed Vegetables

Organic Mixed Vegetables

Enjoy this delicious organic mix of peas, diced carrots, cut green beans and sweet corn - a mix filled with great and natural vitamins.

All our organic vegetables are carefully selected from organic  European farms with the best growing conditions.

They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours to secure and maintain the high level vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Use our delcious mix in your homemade wok or simply as a side dish. 

Fresh Organic Peas

Fresh Organic Peas

Sweet, fresh and organic green peas made from organic European farms with the best growing conditions.

Organic green peas has delicious sweet flavour and a crispy texture that everyone loves - especially children!

Peas are filled with great minerals and vitamins and has a high level of protein, dietary fibres and antioxidants which are important both for children and adults.

Enjoy our sweet organic garden peas in a fresh green salad or simply as a snack. 

Juicy Organic Spinach

Juicy Organic Spinach

Spinash is categorized as a "Super-Food" as it is filled with amazing health benefits.

The vitamins and mineralt in spinach will strenghten your immune system due to its high leven of antioxidants.

Another great benefit by eating organic spinach it its high level of zink and protein which will both strenchten your muscles and bones.

The benefits are various!

Add our organic chopped spinach in your favorite wok or perhaps in a homemade quince?  .

Wanna get inspired? Wanna get inspired?

Wanna get inspired?

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