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Our range of mixed vegetables are made from premium  European quality. Your easy way of serving delicious and healty meals to you and your family. We have created a broad range of different mixes - ready for you to add in your favourite recipe. Bring the real taste home! 

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Real taste
since 1947

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Traditional Mixed Vegetables

Traditional Mixed Vegetables

Enjoy this classic mix of peas, diced carrots, cut green beans and sweet corn, that is filled with great and natural vitamins.

All our vegetables are carefully selected from European farms with the best growing conditions.

They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours to secure and maintain the high level vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Enjoy our classic mix in your homemade wok or in a fresh salad.

Juicy Peas And Carrots

Juicy Peas And Carrots

Enjoy a nice blend of sweet and crispy green peas and carrots made from European farms with the best growing conditions.

Peas and carrots are filled with great minerals and vitamins and has a high level of protein, dietary fibres and antioxidants which are important both for children and adults.

Use our peas and carrots mix in delicious pastas, salats and rice pilaf. 

Pure Garden Mix

Pure Garden Mix

Emborg Garden mix is a delicious blend of yellow sliced carrots, orange sliced carrots, cut romano beans and broccoli florets - all made from European farms with the best growing conditions.

Enjoy our delicious mix of vegetables and benefit from the various natural health benefits you find in the many vitamins and minerals that are naturally stored in vegetables.

Tender Broccoli MIx

Tender Broccoli MIx

Enjoy this fine mix of tender vegetables consisting of sliced carrots, cauliflower florets and broccoli florets.

Did you know that broccoli is filled with fibres and vitamin C? Actually 50g of broccoli contains enough vitamin C to cover the daily amount!

Try Emborg Broccoli Mix in salads, soups and as a healthy side dish. 

Tasty Oriental Mix

Tasty Oriental Mix

A high quality mix of delicious and tender vegetables.

Emborg Oriental Mix is a blend of mung beans sprouts, white cabbage, bamboo strips, sugar snap pea and other delicious vegetables.

Perfect for your woks, salads and stir-fries.

We have already washed, rinsed and sliced each vegetable so you only have to add it to your favourite recipe.

Real Malaysian Wokmix

Real Malaysian Wokmix

A premium mix of flavourfull vegetables.

Emborg Malaysian Wokmix is a blend of yellow carrots, whole green beans, bamboo shoots, cut baby corn cobs and other delicious vegetables. Filled with great vitamins and minerals - and of course great taste!   

Enjoy this premium blend of tender and tasty greens in wok dishes and stir-fries.

Wanna get inspired? Wanna get inspired?

Wanna get inspired?

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