5 Ingredients Mandarin Cheesecake

5 Ingredients Mandarin Cheesecake

Makes 1 Makes 1
Ready in 25 min. Ready in 25 min.


  • 250 g Emborg Cream Cheese
  • 100 g Condensed milk
  • 40 g Gelatine powder
  • 200 ml Emborg Whipping Cream
  • 8–10 fresh Mandarin

This fresh mandarin cheesecake is so easy to make and highly eye catching with bright colours.


  1. Put all the ingredients except the mandarin oranges in a food processor or blender and blend.
  2. Arrange the mandarins in a beautiful pattern in an appx. 25 × 25 cm cake tin.
  3. Pour the cream cheese mixture into a cake pan and freeze it till almost solid.
  4. Once frozen, take out the cheesecake and decorate it with fresh mandarins before serving.

Tip: Whip up some whipping cream and decorate the top and sides of the cheesecake for an even more wow-effect.