Gnocchi with Cream and Cheese

Gnocchi with Cream and Cheese

Serves 4 Serves 4
Ready in 15 min Ready in 15 min


  • 500 g Fresh Gnocchi
  • 50 g Emborg Butter
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 300 g Emborg Frozen Spinach thawed
  • 300 ml Emborg Cooking Cream
  • 200 g Grated Emborg Grana Pandano
  • Salt
  • Lemon Zest

Try this delicious gnocchi for dinner or lunch by following these simple steps: 

Boil gnocchi for 5 minutes and drain.

Briefly fry in Emborg butter sliced garlic and red onions without allowing them to brown.

Add the drained gnocchi and continue to fry for 2 minutes.

Add Emborg cooking cream and Emborg frozen spinach, bring to a simmer, and add half of the Emborg Grana Padano.

Season with salt and lemon zest and serve topped with the rest of the cheese.

Enjoy this tasty Italian favorite!