Learn about Emborg and our 75+ years of passion for cooking and sharing food with the people we love.

The Heart of Emborg

About Us - Emborg Malaysia

The Emborg Recipe

Our most precious moments often come from that special recipe of time spend with the people you care about mixed with great food.

That is why our passion is bringing people together around the table with homemade favourites.

About Us - Emborg Malaysia

Share the Love

Food has the amazing power to bring people closer together, and nothing does this like a home-cooked meal.

We encourage you to create more of those magical, everyday moments with family and friends by sharing the love through cooking.

About Us - Emborg Malaysia

Everyday Success

It is important to put delicious, nutritious meals on the table every day, although home cooking is not always first priority in the hectic daily life.

When you bring Emborg home to cook, you can rely on our quality, easy-to-use ingredients to make everyday cooking a success. Because with Emborg, you bring the real taste home for all to enjoy.

About Us - Emborg Malaysia

Since 1947

Emborg was founded in Denmark, Europe, in 1947 and is a family-owned brand that provides a wide range of quality dairy products as well as fresh frozen vegetables and berries to over 90 countries around the world. With our many years of expertise, we ensure that our 200 products meet your requirements for quality and real taste.

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