Explore our broad range of delicious food products: Cheese, Cream, Frozen Vegetables & Berries, and Plant-Based Options.


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With our flavourful ingredients, you can easily cook your favourite meals. Whatever you need for your next cooking session – cream, cheese, butter, yoghurt, vegetables, berries – you’ll find it here.

All Cheese

Emborg cheeses come in a variety of types, so whether you are in the mood for a slice of mild edam with a great melt in your hot sandwich or topping of your pasta with shredded cheddar, we can satisfy your cravings.

All Sliced Cheese

Add the finishing touch to the best burger, wrap or sandwich with a variety of creamy cheese slices packed with nutrients. No matter your needs, you’ll love our flavourful sliced cheese.

All Shredded Cheese

Whatever flavour you need, we have a easy-to-use shredded cheese for your cooking needs. It’s the perfect way to lift the taste of everyday dishes – from classic mac and cheese and lasagne to golden empanadas.

All Block Cheese

Find flavourful cheeses for your next meal with our European quality block cheeses made from natural ingredients. You’re sure to find a cheese to suit your every mood – from creamy mozzarella to sharp cheddar.

All Cream Cheese

If you like soft cheese, you’ll adore our deliciously fresh and smooth cream cheese and mascarpone. Whether you spread them on savoury bagels or use them for a classic cheesecake, they are a creamy hit.

All Snacking Cheese

In the mood for a creamy snack? Then you should indulge in our convenient cheese strips that are perfect for adding to the lunch box, or try our cheese triangles that easily spread on your afternoon crackers.

All Speciality Cheese

In the mood for something special? Whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go, making a Greek salad or classic Italian pasta to share with friends, why not try our speciality cheeses?

All Cream

Whether you are preparing a hot pasta or cold dessert, you’ll find our specially developed creams are just what you need to add that depth of flavour and creamy texture.

All Whipping Cream

Take your dessert recipes to the next level with a creamy, smooth whipping cream. Whether you’re topping cupcakes, sandwiching together birthday cake layers, or adding a ready-whipped swirl to your hot chocolate, you’ll find the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

All Cooking Cream

You are sure to get the perfect texture and flavour with our cooking creams’ great thickening capabilities – whether you are cooking a hot pasta dish or a creamy soup, you’ll find a cream to suit your needs.

All Milk & Yogurt

Find the refreshing milk or creamy yogurt that best suits your needs among our broad range of quality dairy products.

All Milk

Whether you like smoothies, café lattes or simply drinking it cold, you’ll love the taste of our fresh milk that we source from the best farms in Europe. It’s good for your body too as it’s rich in calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and magnesium.

All Yogurt

However you like to use it – for cooking, baking, dipping or just eating – you’ll appreciate the quality of our yogurt. Made with fresh milk and packed with nutrients, it’s good for your health and available in different sizes and flavours so you can enjoy it at home or on the go.

All Butter

You’ll find endless uses for our creamy butters and spreadables with their creamy texture and good quality – from baking, cooking and making into a delicious sauce, to simply spreading as is.

All Vegetables & Berries

You can be sure that you’re giving your family the best with our vegetables and berries – they’re all carefully harvested from the best farms then washed and frozen within hours, to keep in their nutrients and fresh, real taste. Serve delicious, healthy meals without spending hours on prep.

All Vegetables

Enjoy the ultimate convenience and nutrition with our vitamin-packed frozen veggies. Harvested at their peak, these vegetables are frozen shortly after to preserve their goodness. Skip the prep work and dive into delicious meals hassle-free.

All Organic Vegetables

Bring the real taste home with our 100% organic, naturally grown vegetables from select European farms. Don’t panic, it’s organic – and full of freshness and vital nutrients.

All Berries

Enjoy the sweet taste of berries any time of the year with our selection of quality berries. We pick, wash and freeze them not long after harvest, so whether you use them in smoothies, desserts or home bakes, you can be sure that you’re getting all of their nutrients and fresh-textured taste.

All French Fries

Whether you enjoy French fries as an easy side to accompany a juicy burger or simply munch them on their own as a snack, you won’t be disappointed our variety of crispy fries.