Emborg French Brie and Camembert are quality cheeses perfect for your next picnic or BBQ. Click for delicious recipes and more!

Authentic French Cheese

France has a long, preserved tradition of making cheese. That is why French cheese is considered a true delicacy by many cheese lovers across the world. Emborg French cheese is made with love by a third generation family owned dairy, located in the heart of the Limousin region in France.

This allows for Emborg cheeses to be made with care and attention to detail, resulting in a product that is truly authentic and unparalleled in taste. We only use the highest quality milk from grass-fed cows to produce our cheese.



Creamy Brie Cheese

Our Emborg brie is produced in an authentic French family dairy founded in 1952 and made from cow’s milk that roam the pastures of France.

The world-famous French treasure, Brie, is known for its creamy and soft texture. The Brie presents light hints of rural mushrooms and browned butter perfect for any creamy dish.

Emborg French Brie comes in 200 g and 125 g.


Aromatic Camembert Cheese

Together with the Brie, Emborg French Camembert is produced in an authentic French family dairy dated back to 1952. It has a rich aromatic, creamy and sweet flavour with hints of mushrooms, which is slightly more intense than Brie.

Compared to Brie, Camembert has a slightly firmer texture on top of being more acidic in flavour, which makes it great for mild-tasting dishes as it adds an appetizing tangy note.

Emborg French Camembert comes in 200 g and 125 g.


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